Day Camp

One of the churches we have been working with has been especially impressed with the work we have been doing, and so invited us to do a session at their camp for the children. We were asked to do a session on what you give your heart to, and how this can separate us from … More Day Camp

Biocentro Guemb茅

Biocentro Guemb茅 is a spa/botanical resort about 30km from Santa Cruz. The weather has been on average 40 degrees so we decided to make full use of the heat! This trip was quite a luxury for the team but definitely well deserved. We started with a wander around the botanical gardens And then down to … More Biocentro Guemb茅

Botanical Gardens

This weekend we headed out to a nearby botanical garden – we were completely unprepared for tropical downpours, but it was an awesome day all the same 馃檪 George and Alan always getting in to trouble … We started with a walk around the lake, keeping an eye out for the resident alligator. Anthony got … More Botanical Gardens

Project: Week 6 – Interpersonal Relationships and Empathy

This week we upped our game. After a long meeting with the Psychologist at Paz y Esperanza, we decided as a group that although the topics we were covering were important in leadership, the sessions were not addressing real problems the children are facing. So, after several hours of further planning, we will now directly … More Project: Week 6 – Interpersonal Relationships and Empathy